About: Hi. I form a weird sentimental attachement to my notes, but they take up a lot of space, so I scanned them in order to forgive myself for throwing them away. Now that they are digitalized, I figured I might as well share them with everyone, through a pretty site. So go ahead, click on a subject and select a class to see my notes. For some classes, it is better if you actually download/save the notes (vs viewing them in browser) so you can see the chapter/unit bookmarks. You can do this my right clicking > Save link as or clicking the save button once the pdf opens in browser. I'll keep adding classes as I take them. If this can help just one person do better in a class, then all the designing/scanning was worth it. I compressed the pdf's to make them web friendly, but if for some reason you need super high quality, you can email me. Also, if this somehow inspired you to share your notes, let me know. We'll figure something out. No, I am not making money from this.