Fernando Trujano

I am a full stack engineer and software developer at Stripe.
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ARPiano - Efficient Music Learning with AR Augmented Reality | Hololens | Unity | C# Paper | Presentation | Podcast
ARPiano - Efficient Music Learning with AR
ARPiano provides a framework for extending a physical piano using augmented reality. ARPiano is able to precisely locate a physical keyboard in order to overlay various objects around the keyboard and on individual keys. This framework is extended through various components that provide key labling, note visualizations, chord detection/suggestions and an intuitive, guitar-hero style tutorial mode to learn any MIDI song.
ARPiano was presented at ARIA 2018, iLRN 2018 and was published to ICITL 2018, where it won the best paper award.
Mathland - Play with Math in Mixed Reality Augmented Reality | Hololens | Unity | C# Paper | Website
Mathland - Play with Math in Mixed Reality
We built a Mixed Reality application that augments the physical world with interactive mathematical concepts and annotations. Using Mathland, people can collaboratively explore, experience and experiment with mathematical phenomena in their real, physical environments using tangible objects.
Mathland has been featured at the 2018 MIT Festival of Learning, demoed at CHI 2018, and published to iLRN 2018.
Cryptographically Secure voting for the MIT Community Security | Voting | Node.js Paper | Source
Cryptographically Secure voting for the MIT Community
Most voting systems at MIT lack the basic security properties of a desirable voting system such as privacy and verifiability. I have implemented a cryptographically secure voting system tailored to the MIT community that provides, among other things, full voter anonymity and individual and third party election verifiability. This system is secure against internal and external malicious parties. No party, including the election organizer will be able to falsely modify the results of the election.
Security Analysis of DJI Phantom 3 Standard Security | Pen Testing Paper
Security Analysis of DJI Phantom 3 Standard
In this paper, we present a collection of fatal attacks, minor observations, and associated security vulnerabilities, discovered over the course of a month of research. These vulnerabilities affect both the physical integrity of the drone and the security of user data. Finally, we make a set of recommendations that, if implemented, will dramatically bolster the security of the drone.
Rox Star Unity | C# Site | Demo | Source
Rox Star
Rox Star is a virtual reality karaoke experience with an immersive, reactive environment and professional vocal effects. Built with Unity and Reaper, this software leverages technologies such as virtual reality, motion tracking, and computer graphics to bring karaoke into this century! Winner of best Microsoft project at Hack@Brown 2016.
Asterisks Node.js | Express | HTML | CSS | PHP Demo
Asterisks allows you to lend your Internet accounts to friends without giving away your username or password. Maintain complete control over who can access your account and when, even allowing you to kick friends off your account when you'd like to use it yourself.
Asterisks spawned from LinkedIn''s bay area intern hackathon, where our team took home 1st place.
Custom Workout Timer C | JS | HTML | CSS | Node.js Source
Custom Workout Timer
This Pebble app allows you to easily create custom interval timers (with names) for your workouts.The Pebble will time you and alert you when it's time to change moves based on your own workout program. Example: Plank for 2 minutes, pushups for 45 seconds... etc.
The app consists of a Pebble side C code that requests moves from the phone app (writen in JS). The online workout manager uses a combination of HTML/CSS, JS and Node.js to allow users to enter workouts from their phone or computer.
The app was used by over 12,000 people in more than 150 countries around the world. Collectively, users uploaded over 80 days worth of workouts and worked out for more than 230 days!
7Kreator JS | HTML | CSS Source
This application allows anyone to easily create images for the 7K Display in Simmons Hall.
VRtravel Python | JS | HTML | CSS Source
Virtually immerse yourself in the beauties of the world without leaving your room. Enjoy a 360 degree virtual reality view of over 100 cities using Google Cardboard. Best Travel Hack at Hack@Brown 2015
Magic LEDs Arduino | Android | C(Pebble SDK) | JS Source(Pebble)
Magic LEDs
Control over 600 leds in our room anywhere in the world, from your phone or smartwatch (Pebble).
MIT TubeHack Arduino
MIT TubeHack
MIT sends you their admissions letter in a cool silver tube, they also challenge you to hack it and do something cool with it. I made a POV (Persistence of Vision) display that can show different messages when you move it back and forth..
AudioSyncR Adobe ExtendScript | ScriptUI Demo
AudioSyncR is an After Effects script for semi-automatic typography music video synching. I've created several typography music videos over the years. I really enjoy the animating part of the process but don't particularly enjoy creating hundereds of layers and individually syncing them to the song. AudioSyncR solves this issue. Users first go through the song and "tap" the beat. They then enter the lyrics through a song and the script will automatically create a new text layer for each word that starts at the correct point to the song. I also made the script compatible with another script, TypeMonkey. Using both of these, anyone can create a full typography music video in 20 minutes. I sold the exclusive hosting rights of the script to aetuts, so it is not open source or currently available.
Underwater Robotics C# | Arduino Technical Report
Underwater Robotics
In Junior year of highschool, 2 friends and I designed, built, programed, and tested our very own Remotely Operated Vehicle complete with a graphical control station and precise joystick controls. Our underwater robot used a combination of hardware and software to accomplish specific tasks such as sucking simulated oil, grabbing multiple objects, detecting metal, and measuring the length of a shipwreck. The robot itself used an arduino mega as its microprocessor and a control system coded by us in C#. We communicated with the arduino via UDP using a 50ft CAT 5e cable.
High School Site JS | HTML | CSS | PHP Site
High School Site
I made this site as a portfolio to showcase my highschool work. The site uses jquery for animations and utilized the youtube API to dynamically update the total number of YouTube views. The site has since been archived.
Filmmaking and Motion graphics AfterEffects | Vegas | Final Cut Pro | Photoshop Youtube
Filmmaking and Motion graphics
My filmmaking work has earned two Remi Awards, reached the finals in national competitions and received over 200,000 views on YouTube


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2018 Masters in Engineering | Thesis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Systems Concentration. Research at the Media Lab focusing on 'Creating Novel Mixed Reality Experiences using exising sensors and peripherals'
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2017 Computer Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Relevant Coursework:
6.858 - Computer Systems Security
6.857 - Computer and Network Security
6.036 - Machine Learning
6.835 - Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces
6.033 - Computer Systems Engineering
6.828 - Operating Systems Engineering
6.813 - UI Design and Implementation
6.170 - Software studio
6.034 - Artificial Intelligence
6.041 Probabilistic Systems Analysis
6.008 - Inference
6.046 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
6.004 - Computational Structures
6.006 - Intro to algorithms
6.005 - Elements of software construction
6.002 - Circuits and Electronics
6.041 - Probability
6.042 - Mathematics for Computer Science
6.02 - Digital Communications
6.01 - Intro to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Google - Software Engineer Company Site
Google - Software Engineer
Full stack software engineer on the Google News team.
Synack - Software Engineering Intern Go | Javascript Company Site
Synack - Software Engineering Intern
Developed tools for automatic detection of common web vulnerabilites as part of the KPCB Fellowship program.
Disney - Software Engineering Intern C++ | Cocos2dx | Android | Java Blog post
Disney - Software Engineering Intern
Worked with the mobile team to develop a second screen interactive experience for Disneyland''s 60th aniversary special. The app uses Walt Disney Imagineering’s Made with Magic technology to deliver a second screen, interactive experience that syncs directly to the musical segments and brings colorful light shows and original content right to your mobile phone.
LinkedIn - Web Developer Intern Play | Java | HTML/CSS | Dust | Javascript
LinkedIn - Web Developer Intern
Worked on a new front facing product as part of the growth team using Play/Java, Javascript and HTML/CSS. Developed elegant and effcient code on a large codebase for 380M+ users
Slide - Software Engineering Intern React.js | Reflux | GSAP | HTML | CSS | jQuery Company Site
Slide - Software Engineering Intern
Focused on developing the web application core. Implemented an advanced card parser and main account pages complete with smooth transition animations for optimal user experience.
MediaLab - Undergraduate Researcher Android | Java | WebRTC | HTML | CSS | JS
MediaLab - Undergraduate Researcher
UROP in Changing Places group. Focused on LightByte, an interactive sun pixel display with over 400 individually controlled shutters
Maintained the current LightByte system, expanded the Andorid application, and implemented server connections/real-time streaming features to support remote interactions through a web interface
Produced websites, graphics and videos to showcase various research projects
MIT- 6.01 Undergraduate Lab Assistant Python
MIT- 6.01 Undergraduate Lab Assistant
Worked with staff/professors to prepare design labs for 6.01 - Intro to EECS
Assisted students with basic OOP and algorithm concepts and helped debug circuits
Harvard Student Agencies - Web Developer Intern Liquid | HTML | CSS | jQuery
Harvard Student Agencies - Web Developer Intern
Built and designed ”The Harvard Shop’s” custom order, request a quote and portfolio pages